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Suggestion: rethinking energy pools


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I read a lot of critizism of the abilities, the costs asociated with them and different way to handle them. For example cooldowns for abilities, combined with energy regeneration, etc. But many of those do away with energy managment to completly replace it with something different, either limiting combos of different abilities, or turning the game into a waiting/camping based game, as you wait for your power to 'recharge' (though there are also ideas to compensate for that around).

You still have one size limit, but your energy would be divided into 4 pools, one for each ability, and orbs would refill all of them. This would need some adjusting in energy prices, to make the ultimates more 'lategame' and rare, but would solve multiple problems at once. Warframes could use 'less optimal' abilities without taking away the ability to still be useful to the team. You'd see an increase in super jumps, in teleports and other 'minor' abilities, as they would not limit your ability to still use the primary damage dealing skills and ultimates of your warframe.

Another Option would be dividing the pools into offensive and devensive/support pools Allowing you to use shields on your friends while still crushing your enemies, or jumping up that balcony and still slash/dash through the enemy lines.

This would change the overall resources available from X-any abilities to X,Y and Z numbers of each abilities. Resulting in much more powerful players and this might therefore need careful rebalancing of energy cost of all abilities. I'm not making any suggestions how higt those might be, as i have no idea about balancing in general.

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I'm fine with the Energy System as it is.

The problem is that everyone wants everything.. big shields, high health, huge regen, fat armor, fast running, spamming abilitys all the time etc. etc. . I modded my WF with 2 Energy Efficiency and a Power duration mod and have no problems with energy costs or power usability as a Loki.

People have to decide if they want to spam their Powers so they have to mod their WF resulting (maybe) in less survivability... or if they want to survive.. no Power spamming exept in dire situations.

And i don't even mentioned the Energy Regeneration Artifact you can obtain from Alerts.

BUT...One simple Energy buffing fix would just simply be to let Energy Orbs drop for everyone like mods... OR make Energy (and HP Orbs) a shared pickup which replenishes energy (heals) every Warframe in the game.. as if they were bonded together. Nearly dying player says "Help" .. another player picks up Health Orb to save his butt. But again.. imho Energy is fine.

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