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Heavy frame drops when hosting


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So I played some of my first hours today and noticed, that the game is not using all the ressources of the PC at it's extend (i.e. only 20% of the GPU or 30% of a Quadcore CPU). Thats not that much of a problem because the game runs pretty nicely (great job with that!).

Well, except when I'm the host.

I have a AMD Phenom X2 (Quadcore) with 3 GHZ and it seems that when I'm the host and there is a big fight with a whole room full of enemies and all 4 players fighting, the framerate goes down from a steady 50+ to a unsteady ~10. It seems like the game is playing and hosting the game in the same thread, meaning only using one of the CPUs, which really is a problem. Also the game won't use more than 30% CPU anytime, hosting or not.

On one rare occasion, the framerate went down around 5 and then the game crashed. Sent you a crash report of that.

The game gets unplayable in these fights and If I weren't in the low levels I bet there would be serious problems staying alive.

Hope you read it and can do something it.

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