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Invisible Loki Bug


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Edit: Click for a screenshot, basically everything works like I was in third person, but my character is just plain invisible.

Sadly I don't have a screenshot of this bug, there wouldn't be much to see anyhow... you see, in two games today me and every other Loki warframe in game appeared invisible to me.

I could see sword slashes, shots, using invisibility created a visible aura around where my model should be.

Enemies see you, it might just be a bug with loading the texture or such.

I have noticed many similar bugs where the Loki Warframe would turn into Excalibur for an entire game, or is shortly discolored for the beginning of a game.

As for fixing the bug, just starting the next mission fixed the bug for me, or aborting and reconnecting/restarting.

It seems rather spontaneous, as such I don't know how to replicate it.

But if it happens again, I shall provide screenshots and more info.

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