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Armor Ignore on Melee Weapons and % Armor Piercing Question


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I extracted this from another Thread where this Question was brought up by me but gone under the radar because of a bit off-Topic. So i try it in a new Thread.

Regarding Melee Weapons that ignore Armor (Furax, Bo, Fragor) i read that +% Armor Piercing Mods just add to (base)Damage for those Weapons because for them there is no Armor. If thats true here is the deal:

Since we have +% (normal) Melee and +% charge melee attack mods where each mod only affects the specified attack type (melee damage does not boost charge, charge not normal melee attacks).. does the +% armor piercing count for both as additional damage? Normal Melee and charge attack? Since armor piercing applies to normal an charged attacks with weapons not ignoring armor by default for all i know, right?

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what i know when im playing with melee full of piercing amor is :

normal attack gain bonus attack against heavy armor and the charge melee attack too.(u can see 2 damage pop out together each attack)

for light armor usualy just get +1 attack bonus.

the point is : armor is affect the bonus damage.(normal attack and charge attack)

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