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Korona - "summoner" War Frame


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Please bear with. Trying to do this but have no idea really how. Need to figure out how Cells work as well.

A short elegant War Frame with two Symmetrical ridges down her back and what appears to be a knee-length flower-shaped dress on.

Base Stats: ( rank 30 )

Health: 100 ( 300 )
Shield: 100 ( 300 )
Armour: 60
Energy: 150 ( 225 )
Speed: 1.05
Passive: Korona's Armour Mods also apply to its Summons.

Aura: Naramon
Mod: Naramon( upper Left ), Zenurik ( Lower Right )

"Summons" are roughly the size of Crawlers but 'float' about torso height of Korona. They also have Health instead of Duration but their Health is affected by Duration ... Planning on giving them a base armour value but not sure what would be a reasonable amount for each skill.
Skill 1

Summons a 'Fetish' that floats with Korona.

The Fetish provides and Aura passively grants bonus armour as well as resistance to the most damaging type located on Korona's Primary Weapon ( P/S/I/Elemental types ).
Rank Health Bonus Armour Resistance % Aura Range
0        100             20                    10               5m
1        200             30                    15              7.5m
2        400             50                    20              10m
3        600             80                    25             12.5m

Skill 2

Summons a 'Manitou' that walks with Korona.

The Manitou provides a Heal over Time Aura as well as a chance to remove debuffs. (chance is per 5 seconds)
Rank Health HoT amount/sec Debuff Removal %   Aura Range
0           50            1                         10                             7m
1          100           2                         15                           10.5m
2          150           4                         25                            14m
3          200           8                         35                            20m

Has the lowest Health because it also heals itself with the Aura.

Skill 3

Summons a 'Sprite' that seeks out targets.

The Sprite goes after the nearest target in range and attacks them dealing the same damage type as the most damaging type on Korona's Melee Weapon. Range is calculated from Korona. Also is a Melee Unit.

Rank Health Damage amount Travel Range
0        150            150                      5m
1        300            250                      9m
2        550            350                     13m
3        900            500                     17m

Will probably have the highest base armour of the Summons. For obvious reasons.

Skill 4

Summons a Symbiotic Creature that Completely covers Korona.

The Symbiote deals Radiation damage Bursts as Koronas shields take Damage. It also deals Toxin Damage as Koronas health takes damage.

Rank Damage ( Rad ) Damage (Toxin) Duration(Seconds) Radial Range
0                 200                    250                     15                       10m
1                 300                    375                     22                       15m
2                 450                    550                     29                       20m
3                 675                    825                     35                       25m

And on second look not quite sure I like the numbers myself on this one. At least I can say this one would be the easiest to change on Karona.

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Summons me a beer lol, but being serious this summon concept could work but the description and abilities arent to my liking just my opinion, to much of a supporter than a summoner, try a re-design think nekros 4th a bit more than less thought out summons such as a Fetish when what you really wanted was just the damage resistance

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