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Battle.net Revolution // Moon Clan // Fully Researched Dojo // Active And Friendly Community


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Hey, guys! Aqua2G here for Clan BnR's Warframe Division! We're a Moon Clan with a completely researched dojo, with active members who love to help each other out and we also support Teamspeak! 


Interested in joining a Clan/Guild? Clan BnR is looking for you! 

What Clan BnR is all about:
We cater to both competitive and non-competitive players alike. BnR has many experienced and knowledgeable members, who are more than willing to share their knowledge and help you hone your skills. We don't need any time commitment and we don't have specific hours where you have to be available. Our members are from all over the world, with the bulk coming from the US.
Clan BnR is where it's at. Created in 1994 with Diablo 1 beta, we operate under one mission: "To improve the gaming experience of our members by any means possible.".
Some things we have to offer:
- Clan BnR supports both PC and Console based games
- Clan BnR supports various gaming developers and projects around the world.
- Clan BnR has a trustworthy and dedicated Administrative Staff here to serve its membership
- Clan BnR offers: Tech Support, Moderated Teamspeak Servers, Regularly schedule events in and out of game.
http://www.clanbnr.org <---- Main website for Clan BnR
http://www.clanbnr.org/forum <---- Direct link to forum
https://twitter.com/clanbnr1994 <---- Twitter Page
The fastest way to join Clan BnR is to utilize our voice chat server.
Teamspeak Information: Battle.Net Revolution
Server Address: teamspeak.clanbnr.org
Teamspeak Password: bnr1994
B) Download and install Teamspeak 3 client.
C) Open teamspeak and click on connections, then enter their user name and our address, teamspeak.clanbnr.org, password:bnr1994 then connect.
D) Make sure you have push-to-talk enabled. 
Clan BnR Administration
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