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A Lot Of Bugs!


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I discovered a whole bunch of bugs throughout playing the game as shown in these pictures.


In this link you'll see two pictures of the bug were Excal's blind effect is having a non-stop loop affect animation as it is snowing.

There are other several colour bugs. In the bug when you melee channel it reflects the colour of your teammates energy colour instead of showing your own energy colour. As shown in the link there are three pictures were one is showing a bug that the energy colour is not the usual dark blue colour that excal originally has(energy colour set to default and is still light blue look at the shoulder armor showing the default energy colour compared to the blade).


Somehow there is a bug were Ashe Prime abilities show an energy color that is of your team mates when they do their abilities. I don't have the picture but it's relative of the other colour bugs if you get the idea.

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