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I'm zeroxel, clan leader of Silent no Haki Clan. Small clan ghost clan reaching its maximum number of ppl. But if you would like to join us we will gladly welcome to the ranks of our clan.

If you to know more about us do visit our forum post https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/488902-silent-no-haki-clan-is-recruiting-new-players-or-senior-alike-ghost-clan/#entry5521707

Do pm me if you have questions to ask. Hope to hear from you soon. We have 2 slots avail to maxed on ghost status.

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★The Shadow Ravens dojo is beautifully decked out in Black and Red and has 100% research completed.


★We dont ask for mods, platt, primeparts, or anything of our members unless they are really enjoying the clan and feel like pitching in (which is always appreciated :D ).


★ 90/100 Members.


Brothers till the end.



★REQUIRMENTS: 17+ | MR4+ | Need Mic



1. Send XxMrHollywood a friend request either on PSN (put Warframe clan in the message box). 

2. Register on our clan website at - http://shadowravens.clanwebsite.com/

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