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Warframe Suggestion: Mimic


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How about a shape shifting warframe, for pure stealth? 


1.Cloning (25 energy)


Cloning will make a clone of yourself, with its own AI, (almost look like you, all the details. This is better than loki's decoy) It will have the same weapons and damage, but has only 150 health. (no shields) 10 seconds long. This is good at distraction and confusion.



2. Shape shift (35 energy)


This ability will allow you to have the image of your enemies, confusing them if you are their ally or enemy. 30 seconds long. ( Killing an enemy and all the enemies sees you, if you hide on the corner, then get out without suspicion, they won't kill you and get confused.)






(plz think of some abilities that can help) Have fun commenting!

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Not to be that guy, but I believe this is in the wrong place. This is feedback, not suggestions

I've seen a lot of people put suggestions in feedback. Ex. (Infested warframe suggestion), (warframe suggestion : Bane) and (Warframe suggestion: Berserker) so i think this is the place.

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