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Contacts - People Showing Offline That Are Online


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i can see these people typing in clan chat but in both the clan and if i add them as a friend under the contacts menu they are showing offline. We wanted to do some voids but it seems to be impossible when its showing people offline who are really online. This isn't as game breaking as some of the other bugs that have already been addressed but with how much has been added to clans it would be nice if we could play together.

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A friend has this issue. He has a gimped modem/router combo from his ISP, and that thing does not do NAT or port forwarding properly, and we have to use a VPN service to join each other's games. Arguably, nothing much that can be done on a peer-to-peer connection method.

Perhaps one of you are having networking issues?

EDIT : disregard that, the "Matchmaking Bugs" section seem to be full of issues like yours right now, so this may not be an isolated thing.

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