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An Option For Seperate Multishot Damage Numbers


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I'm sure that most of you can agree that one of the most satisfying things about using shotguns (Scattered Justice Hek in particular) in warframe is seeing your screen getting filled up with damage numbers when you sneak behind an enemy and hit them right in the meat, especially with all that multishot and those extra pellets.


However, this was removed in U17 and all the damage you deal is now displayed in one, big number. (As shown in this imgur link http://imgur.com/CiUmtDU )


Now I can see why this was implemented. It's simpler, cleaner and how much damage you dealt is easier to calculate.


But it was one of the things that made using shotguns (and rifles) so much fun, atleast for me and i'm sure alot of other DPS-crazy players aswell.


I know it's entirely up to preference, and that's why I feel there should be an option for it. It doesn't seem like something that'd take alot of work, or time or resource, and it would go a long way in pleasing both parties (high-damage maniacs and not high-damage maniacs).


Thanks for reading this,

A Tenno

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