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Nekros Shadows Of The Death Spawning Unarmed Lancers


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I've been aware of this bug for awhile now but I keep forgetting to report it. Basically if you kill an enemy that is disarmed by Loki (any enemies, corrupted crewmen, corrupted lancers, etc), your SotD spawns a Grineer Lancer from Grineer missions (keep in mind I'm talking about the Void, not sure about other tilesets). They spawn unarmed (no weapons whatsoever, yes, no batons like unarmed enemies do), they just charge at enemies and look at them, if there are multiple shadow Lancers, then they just surround an enemy and block them (which is quite hilarious but also frustrating at the same time).





It's really frustrating for people with SotD builds to go with Loki radial disarm because these types of things keep happening.

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