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Very, Very Disappointed With Parts Of The New Patch.


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I know this is the internet but honestly I promise you, I really do try to avoid whining if I can. However the new patch has certain things in it which I feel I have to vent somewhere my frustration with.


The new parkour: I understand it's new and I totally appreciate the work you've put in, I follow the devstream and I know you guys were really excited about this. I like how it cramps your hand less than the old style, I think making it easier to use was a great idea and has worked well, especially regards wallrunning, 10/10 for that.


My problem is that the animation feels very sluggish and like I'm running with 500m/s lag all the time. Or to explain differently it feels like my hero has a giant bubble around it all the time and gravity is broken. The old system whilst definitely tiring on the hand and at best awkward, was definitely not sluggish, that was kind of the benefit. I hope this will improve and the new system will feel as sharp as the old one did.


The new frame: Well I have no comment on the actual workings of the frame because I'm still stuck farming it. I'm really sad that you made it just drop from one boss you have to farm over and over again. Especially since it's essentially farming two frames to get one. I'm not sure if it's the map that is terrible or whether it's the sluggish parkour which is frustrating me more. The day and night parts could of at least been from separate boss fights or some kind of quest involved, it just seems rather underwhelming.


Tyl Regor: The boss fight is terrible even after running him 10+ times I don't really understand the mechanics of the fight. It just seems like it takes an absurdley long amount of time, instead of being interesting it's burst damage followed by long wait followed by burst damage, etc.


I feel you needed to make a tutorial for under water archwing missions because one of the maps for Tyl makes me RQ when I roll it, some kind of explosion in the water makes me always end up back out of it again.. being under water on the archwing is just crap to put it simply. In space with 360 degrees of space to move in it's really fun, I was overwhelmed with it the first time I tried. Underwater in tight tunnels and bombs and steam vents around you is not fun, at all. It's @(*()$ frustrating actually and the map is no help to try find your way around. Did not enjoy this one bit and I think some kind of tutorial obstacle course would be beneficial.


All the above being said - I still think Warframe is a fantastic game and it's only because everything else is done to such a high standard that I take issue when something is less than perfect. I appreciate that it's the first day of the patch and there will be a lot of things to do but perhaps long term I hope some of my points can be addressed.



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