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Strategy And Tips - How To Equinox?



I... don't really understand what to make out of this Warframe.

It's neat, but I have some trouble finding out what is it best at.


It looks like a Support Warframe to me, but I'm not really willing to trust my gut feeling.

So, I'd rather ask you guys and compare opinions.

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I'd say it's a support/mob killer.

I've got it setup for some str and dur(max Trans Ford, Max Primed Continuity, Max Effeciency, and the rest survival mods) I prefer quick thinking+rage+vitality combo.

Playing wise:

Start off in night form then switch to day form so you get night's bonuses

Use Provoke(power 3) to boost teammates damage

Use Maim(power 4) and kill stuff and once I get swarmed use it again to nuke the place

Switch back to night and use Mend(power 4)...kill stuff..use it again and heal everyone.

So far it's been working well but I only wish the range was bigger when you put enemies to sleep to chain other enemies but ya

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