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Bug: Akbolto Foundry Failure (Not Detecting Bolto)


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Hi team,


So I've been trying to craft an Akbolto for a couple of days now, but for some reason, the foundry is behaving as if I lack the necessary components.




Based on what I see here, it looks like it's acting as if I'm missing one of the two necessary Boltos needed to craft. However, when I check my inventory, I clearly have both necessary weapons.




To attempt to resolve the issue, I've tried restarting my game, selling the Akbolto blueprint and purchasing a new one, and crafting another Bolto, all to no avail. 


Is there anything I can do on my end or is this a bug in the system?



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Hey man, I was having the same issue for a while! What I learned was that if you don't have any other secondary weapons, you can't use your two boltos for the akbolto. 


So if those are your only secondaries, buy a lato or something, and then you can craft the akbolto.

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