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[Graph Inside] Prestige, Mastery: Most Of The Time Playing Not Capped Things


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Look at this graph I just crafted, this show much time you play Warframe with capped/low level equipment. The mathematic model behind is pixel perfect obviously :D


Usually in RPG your "Power feeling" grows over time, in Warframe it's pulsing. As soon as you reach cap, you switch. You do not grow with the weapon, the weapon saturate and either you stay with it with no more growing, or you put it apart and grow a new kid.


On ordinate you have "power feeling", on x-assis you have time playing. As you can see, Warframe go back to zero power feeling from time to time (when you delevel to slot OR switch gun/warframe). In other tipical RPG/shooters, you always feel stronger.


I do not care what weapon I like. I simply use the weapon/frame I have to cap.




I'm not able to post image from my Dropbox account.



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