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Might As Well Say "hi"..


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You can gather from my profile my in game name, so..no point in being redundant.

Outside of the game:

I'm a late term college student - that just means I'm old and decided to go back to school. 

I have 4 children, from 4 to 14, married to my lovely wife who supports my gaming habits - which do not interfere with my ability to be a dad as some would suggest

I spend most of my time outside the game either doing 1 of 2 things if I'm not with my family: working on a farm for the sheer enjoyment of being outside (pay? What pay?) and I run an accounting business where I compile and organize financial books for small companies. Both have their perks of working when I want too, and not working when I don't want too- sparing some circumstances.

I BBQ almost daily, and hunt anything with 4 legs - and snakes - and eat anything I kill. Except possums, possums are ugly. No skunks, well anything classified as a 'varmint' I tend to kill just for pest control and I won't eat them. But squirrel is ok. I prefer animals with Antlers if I'm going to stock my freezer though.


In the game:

I'm a Warlord for Crescent Moon Prime

I should own stock in DE at this point

I enjoy maximizing every piece of content possible to explore every possibility in the game, especially end game material- its what keeps me interested in continuing to play.

I tend to go through habits of playing particular frames, then drop them and switch to another one for a while.

I tend to favor Nukers over Buffers

Favorite weapon was Bo Prime, with Parkour 1.0, however with the advent of 2.0 I am now searching for a new favorite melee to use.

I have an obsession with Grineer statues in our clan dojo, which I have curbed at the behooving of multiple clan members

I am also surrounded by controversy and misinformation, which is actually quite funny and makes things interesting. 

I tend to give most of my stuff away that I acquire to dedicated clan members - True story: we had a clan member win a contest for a name change funded by me, so I gave him the 200plat, he went onto the Warframe website to change his name, but screwed up. He'd been awake for 36 hours apparently- but he came back and changed his name but instead of it saying -CM-, it said -CW-. So I gave him another 200 plat to fix his mistake, I won't mention his name, but it was hilarious in clan chat. 



See you in game Tenno



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