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A Tweak Here, A Twitch There, A Hitch Undone. (For De's Eyes)


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First, if this thread is in the wrong place, please point me in the right direction.

Now, through playing this beloved game for years, theres a few minor things and addition most people would come to think of that makes everything smoother and more functional. I'm writing a cumulative list of these tweaks and twitches for anyone to review and consider implementing.


Sub windows for each chat (reason- chat blows up sometimes and it would be easier to catch opportunities):

Region - Warframe related/unrelated
Recruiting - Clan/squad/alert
Trading - Buying/selling




When running mission/voids, and the host leaves, you lose out on the whole run if you choose to stay. So in the event that Host wants to extract on T1D wave 15, and does, it should give you an additional window with 10 second timer to input your own key if you'd like to save the instance and continue (perhaps put up a window with what key you need, and how many you have with a Continue: Yes/No button)




In the inventory, it's not always easy to tell what you have, what parts you need to build said item, and other minor confusions; so perhaps we could implement a check/marker icon on the Oberon chassis (when viewing it through inventory view) to say that you've built said piece, as well as another check/marker to confirm if the final product has been completed? (simple colour coded check marks? (no mark means not built (in context of the whole tenure of the account)yellow check means individual part has been built, green means final product has been completed.



*edit - 1


Another means to support/host a Dojo session. It's a little annoying trying to trade in a big clan and the host keeps shuffling every 15 seconds. This one would be a little more complicated to support/change over as there's a lot more to it, but it's a concern or item that could be reviewed at some point by programmers/developers that understand the scripting that needs to be handled. (It's something I've no knowledge to speak to)



*to be edited with more if i remember later, or others have some ideas to add

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