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Platinum Cost Discrepancy


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As a player in the European server, with the recent update, I actually decided to spill a little money on platinum. Looking at the choices however, have left me a little confused.





I did a little math, and the '20 bonus platinum' is actually not correct.


Since 75 platinum is half of 150, you would expect the price of 150 platinum to be double the price of 75. However, as you can see, this is not the case; the 150 platinum deal sells for an added Euro on top of this expected amount.


For the base 75 plat : 75/3.99 = 18.80 platinum per Euro

For the deal Not including the 20 platinum, 150/8.99 = 16.69 platinum per Euro


Without the 20 extra platinum, the 75-plat offer is actually worth it more than the 150 offer, so immediately the 20 platinum starts to act as part of the base price


With the 20 'extra' plat: 170/8.99 = 18.91 plat per Euro


the difference between the two prices is 0.11 plat per Euro


0.11 x 8.99 = 0.99


So technically, the 'bonus platinum' amounts to 0.99 extra platinum, instead of the advertised 20. I feel this is unfair as it's advertised as 20 times more than the actual bonus amount, and from feedback from US players, it sounds more fair over there. Please remedy this, as users will be fooled into buying less of a deal than they are being offered.

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While it's been posted before I don't think this issue is getting enough attention. DE just say it's down to their 'partner' who handles the transactions. This 'partner' however has wildly inaccurate currency conversion rates.


A little while back when I purchased my founders pack the Australian dollar was trading several cents above the US dollar yet they offered the pack for an equivalent of $11USD MORE than if I paid using USD.


Looks like this is still the case and it makes me very disappointed that DE hasn't either given this fantastic 'partner' the boot or done anything practical to remedy the issue.

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I think, in regards to this topic, we have grounds to claim false advertising. The fact simply do not add up; what is being advertised is not what we are getting. Should we take it straight to their partners, or do we ask DE to once again take charge of their partners?


It's not a 'conversion issue'. If it were a conversion issue, both prices would resemble the faulty price conversion. In this case, only the 'deal' resembles the faulty conversion. They are basing two values on platinum that are different, as if there are two different kinds of platinum to buy. This is not the case. There are multiple different amounts of platinum to buy but this should not affect the base price of platinum, unless deals are taken into account; even outwith the deal, the values of platinum are different.



EDIT: I don't want to discredit the Devs about the game, it's a fantastic game and I've really enjoyed playing it, hence why I'm actually willing to spend money on it! I just feel that my ambition to support the developers with funds for in-game loot has led me to feel a little cheated by this, is all. :(

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