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Uranus Sabotage - Tileset Sometimes Starts Already Flooded


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When doing the Uranus sabotage missions, sometimes when reaching the room with the terminal to flood the Place the place already starts out flooded, which will lead to a funny and non-gamebreaking yet unintended visual effect.


What will happen is that when the terminal is hacked, the water level will raise even more turning the whole place into atlantis (kind of).


the water surface will be visible at the ceiling and the players are still able to walk around even though visually they should be underwater.


I only ran into it once yet so I have no idea if it's replicable and if it is, I have no idea how.


I'll attach a screenshot once It happens again, sadly I didn't think of doing it when it happened, I was pretty thrown off by that strange yet amusing sight.


This is how it looks before activating the terminal:



This is after activating it:


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