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Stealth Glitches; Reasons Why Stealth Is Mostly Dead In Warframe


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before i posted this topic i tested stealth a few times before than. i ran into MANY glitches in the process that is worth talking about.


these are the glitches i mostly ran into that the developers MUST fix in order to resurrect stealth in warframe, cause right now, its a dead mechanic.


Drahk enemies can detect you as you enter the room.


though this does not alert other enemies, the Drahk enemies seem to throw you off balance, as their masters are always in the middle of the room out in the open. if you kill the master, it usually alerts enemies who can see him. this could be resolved by leading him to another room, but that takes a long time as the masters like to keep their distance.


spinning enemies


some enemies just don't know how to keep a proper patrol. we often see these enemies spin around in circles to find which way they are going next. as they spin, their line of sight increases by 360 degrees, making them almost impossible to assassinate with a sword alone.


in the next room, after alerted by alarm, enemies will not let go of cover and resume patrol.


this is probably one of the most known problems when it comes to stealth. though it may not sound like a big deal, its a really BIG DEAL. if the alarms are set off, enemies will take cover by the door in the next room. after you disable the alarm, enemies will not let go of their cover and will keep their eyes on the door. this makes it almost impossible to go through the next door undetected.


enemies vision is insanely increased when in cover


(refer to recent glitch) say you successfully enter the room without being detect, there are still enemies in cover. realistically, they cannot see you when they are in cover......NOPE! the enemies sight is INCREASED! if you are in front of there cover in any angle, you will be spotted.


scanners cannot see through the next room


scanners are probably the only useful things to make stealth a little easier. they do have limitations though as you cant see on the other side of doors. i do not know if this is actually intended by the developers or a common glitch.


Console can not switch camera angles.


please tell me if there is a way to switch camera angle on console cause i cant so so now. switching camera angles can be a useful feature when using stealth, however for console this is not a helpful tip.


huddled enemies


unless you are lucky or prefer silent firearms it is incredibly impossible to kill these huddled enemies without being detected. either your stealth kill animation magically lunges your target forward, or the enemy next to your target sees you kill his buddy, via inadvisability.



please note that I've tried everything to have a good stealth round with the reward of extra affinity. all of witch i have been detected once in the mission, making it a total bust to to some of these glitches listed above.

using Loki, using Ash, using my scanner, using a shade, using a bow, using cover, everything. or at least most of everything.

some of which SHOULD NOT EVEN MATTER if a use them or not. i want to have the freedom of choice, so what if i wanted to bring my rhino, or my Chroma!? what if i don't have an ash, or a Loki?


these features NEED to be fixed if this game has any chance to be a good stealth game.



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Stealth isn't, never was and probably never will be the main focus of Warframe.

And no, it's not about ninjas anymore.

That said, some improvements regarding stealth would be welcome.


totally agree, its theme is more about samurai than ninjas, but it cant hurt to have the option to be a ninja as well.

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Console can not switch camera angles.

The game isn't built for stealh.  That's the issue.


Go into options and set R3 to switch camera or whatever the option is called.  R3 casting your power is dumb anyway, since you can just tap the shoulder button and tapping R3 by accident is way too easy.

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Silent firearms are mandatory for stealth, just equip the hush mod to your favorite weapon and go.You can kill an enemy standing right next to another one and they don't notice.

thats a little to much of a risk, if you do mess up on a high level mission, your best weapon would be a lot more weaker than before you equipped the mod. either way its a pointless tip, i can just bring my crossbow or my Hikou prime, which i have on most of my tests.

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