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Arcane Helmets Emporium~!

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Buying will be a bidding, after 7 inactive hours on offers the Arcane helmet will expire and be traded


Prices below are suggestive not indicative.


Buying multiples might score you a discount,


Some Arcane Helmets have multiples


STRIKE OUTED HELMS ARE SOLD, until stock recovers :P



Arcane Helmets List:


Suggested Prices


Aurora Frost ~ 60p

   Current Offer : n/a


Avalon Excalibur ~ 60p

   Current Offer : n/a


Backdraft Ember ~ 60p

   Current Offer : n/a


Chlora Saryn ~ 150p

Stock : 2

   Current Offer : n/a


Chorus Banshee ~ 120p

   Current Offer : Sold


Coil Mag ~ 150p

   Current Offer : n/a


Essence Loki ~ 120p

   Current Offer : 100p


Gauss Mag ~ 80p

Stock: 2

   Current Offer : n/a


Hemlock Saryn ~ 80p

   Current Offer : n/a


Locust Ash ~ 130p

   Current Offer : n/a


Scorpion Ash ~ 50p

Stock: 3

   Current Offer : n/a


Swindle Loki ~ 180p

   Current Offer : n/a






Pendragon Excalibur ~ 250p


   Current Offer: SOLD


Non-Helmets Stuff :


Frost Prime Set ~ 310p


    Current Offer : n/a



SPECIAL OFFER: BUY ALL 18 Helmets~! VALUED AT 1150p and get it at 800p~!

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