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Sprag + Ven'kra Tel Broke

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I was playing T3 Sabotage after U17 came out and the first few runs went decently well, not the greatest rewards, but I was still able to complete them and find all the caches. However, after the first few runs, the second sister would always become invincible after I shot the first down. I shot Ven'kra Tel the first time and she went down. Easy. Then I moved on to Sprag and I took aim at her jetpack with a great shot and hit her, but she didn't take any damage. I kept shooting, taking dozens of shots at her with my bow until my ammo ran out. Almost all of the shots should have dealt her damage, but they all turned up as zeros. This happened for the next few runs after this. I tried shooting Sprag first, which led to her going down and Ven'kra Tel becoming invincible. There was nothing wrong with my aim, as I used Frost to freeze them and then line up a perfect shot from point blank. I wasted a lot of time trying to kill these bosses. I had to abort 3-4 times. Please fix this. I want to run sabotages, but I can't if the sisters are invincible.

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