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I've just been getting into Warframe and I think its awesome, however ive come across a problem which has me extremely confused.

So I am up to the mission "Vor's Prize". I have attempted this mission once with no problems at all and I died. I figured I would just re-do the mission and save my revives for another time. So I went back to my ship and went into navigation, but the sector that the mission is in is now locked, as it wasnt before, leaving me unable to progress with the story.

Forgive me if its something simple that I still need to do, but I cannot find any other forum threads on this and can't work out the issue.

Thanks in advance


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The objective was to confront Vor, which I could not do anymore despite previously being able to attempt it. I've sorted it now, I went and installed the mod segment and it triggered some dialogue where I was given the blueprints to remove the thing from my ankle (cant remember what it was called). I had already crafted it and used it but never had that dialogue which has now oddly enough re-opened the sector.

Appreciate your help, have an awesome day (y)

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