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Uranus, Puck Exterminate Bug


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So, recently (5th July 2015) around eight at night, there was an alert for some credits and a Pendragon Excalibur Helmet. Besides the extremely unfair underwater places where you can die more than 5 times because of viral damage, there was a really (not) fun bug; We were supposed to exterminate 168 enemies, and when we reached 159, we were told to go to the extraction point. If 1 or 2 people were at the extraction point, it would say that we're waiting for one more person (we were a 3 man squad) but once the third member came to the extraction, any dialogue disappeared and we were stuck there. Unfortunately, we had to abort the mission and lose all rewards because the alert had ended. I'm not sure if this happens in other missions too, this is the first time happening to me.


PS: There is an underwater spot (I'm pretty sure the maps are randomly generated so I can't know the exact location) where any player that steps there, he get's stuck inside the floor, in a small empty space. We had to run around that space for quite some time until we found an exit. We also had to use Rhino's ''Charge'' and Excalibur's ''Slash Dash'' abilities to get out.


I really hope these bugs get fixed because it's a pretty big struggle to play with them :/

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