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My General Feedback , Story/u17. (Has Spoilers)


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Greetings ,

You may know me from the forums or you may not.

I am a long time player (since closed beta) and i wanted to share my thoughts.

I don't post threads often , mostly due to all of my threads with new ideas get shutdown rather quickly.

Anyway , ill get to it.




Warframe and story:

Well so many who play this game for a while will likely get that warframe has no story.

Rather i should say it HAD no story.

There were a lot of characters with things to say that keep hinting at a story but the basic gist of it all was that once there were people named Orokin and stuff happened to them.

To us at the present time , the "story" was we woke up from cryo-sleep with no memories and this lotus person is guiding us back to full functionality. After that she just sends us off to do mercenary work for no obvious reason than the promise of "balance".



To me this never felt like a story .. it was a mixing pot full of threads that could one day BE parts of a story but never were. The lore tid bits here and there didn't really add to the story , they expanded the worlds story and some of our backstory but never the actual story for the present day players.


U17 introduced Natah , My god , while elements of this quest were really predictable and somewhat lacking.

The overall enjoyment i felt was huge. Finally an actual story has developed for US. Lotus gets back story filled in , we now understand who and what she is and why she guides us.

We know what the sentient threat is (kinda) , lore finally is woven into actual tangible events we experience.

I was impressed to say the least , Tho the quests themselves were lack luster.

If this is the start of many story based quests to come , count me in.

DE did a splendid job.



Parkour 2.0:

Again parkour was one of the things that if you played long enough since its conception you understand how tacked on it felt. controls were unresponsive , physics broken all over the place , hard to maneuver , hard to execute moves outside perfectly designed areas. 

​It essentially forced the conception of coptering , a move so broken it let us bypass the less than stellar parkour / huge open maps. Even small spaces were gimping our ability to move.


Parkour 2.0 , im just going to come out and say it , its a straight up masterpiece in comparison to the old system. Sure it has some bugs to iron out , fix up wall hopping so its more on point and responsive.

But as a whole the new system is amazing , it allows us freedom of movement while looking cool and even has use in combat.

After years of parkour 1.0 and coptering , it took me less than 5 minutes to get used to and start using parkour 2.0 and only 2 mercury missions to start using advanced features like the floor launch / air glide / wall latch / double jump / roll chaining of moves.


It feels good , it compliments the gameplay and it looks cool.




Stamina , sprinting , blocking:

The removal of stamina is a surprise and a blessing.

For years we the players said that stamina only hindered the game while adding literally nothing for it.

Now with it gone we can all breath a sigh of relief , However with its removal 2 issues come up


1 - sprinting is a pain , its still very slow and the toggle sprint randomly turns off.

2 - blocking isn't a reliable way to close gaps. with stamina you could block a few shots and regain your stamina later.

     but now you get hit regardless and using channeling costs an exorbitant amount of energy to block a single shot.

     it just isn't worth to block , at all. its better to parkour around doing quick jabs . 


These things need to be addressed.





Kubrows and sentinels:

There has not been an update to the core of kubrows and sentinels since their addition.

Both barely scratch the surface of what they potentially can do , its frustrating.

The kubrow ship segment upgrade is a nice quality of life change but it doesn't change kubrows in anyway.

They are still too dumb AI wise and too slow to be effective as weapons.

Often times my kubrow stands for 5 seconds looking at an enemy before deciding to maybe attack him.

and since this happens almost every time it sees an enemy it is useless as a weapon to me.


Sentinels are the same except they at least have multiple viable uses.

Some of the precept powers for sentinels are very good ,they are invaluable as utilitys.

Some even build them for damage ,which i hear is exceptional.


All in all  There needs to be an update adding WAY more mods for both sentinels and kubrows.

With a BIG emphasis on kubrow mechanics and AI.




Warframe reworks:

Excaliburs rework is fantastic , bit op on the exalted blade damage scaling , but its ok since the recent blocking change made it a lot less viable for endgame.

Frost changes pretty great all around.

Hoping for many more reworks and changes for older frames.









Thats all i had to say , more or less , have a good day and thank you for reading.




New things ! , Old Things ! , Good! , Bad! , Feedback!   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Nothing about new Kubrow in this thread. Pretty sure everyone hates it now. :'(


Nothing really to be said , adds nothing new.

it was advertised as the kubrow equivalent  of carrier, but its nothing like carrier.


I hear DE is going to fix it up make it better , so we will see.

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