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My Adventure In An Orokin Prison


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Was doing a tower mission, and we got to this weird crossroads room.


Being the person I am, I decided to explore!


Bad idea. Looks like the Orokin had countermeasures for nosy explorers.



Here is where I ran up the wall, condemning me to my purgatory while the rest of my team had fun shooting things and collecting loot. I spent the rest of my time exploring my small prison.



At least I had some cool stuff to look at. Just look at it. Majestic.



Here's my friend, looking up at the bottom of my feet wondering how I trapped myself in air. Apparently you cannot see the floor from below. Crafty #@*&$@s, those Orokin. Sadly his Vortex grenade wasn't enough to pull me through the floor, we ran tests on the subject. Very scientific.



I quickly got bored and decided I needed to find something in here, maybe there were secrets to be found! Spoiler: Nope



Not content just to look, of course I had to jump at it and climb it. This proved amusing for a few seconds while the rest of my party was no doubt off having intrepid adventures and finding untold riches.



I thought maybe the modeling on the top of this pedestal maybe meant something, they couldn't have modeled this entire room for no reason, right? Maybe it was just to give its victims something to do until the rest of his group finished the mission.



My comrades finally succeed, and free me from my incarceration! The victory is bittersweet, however, because I got robbed of all my credits by poor design decision.


I hope you all had as much fun reading this as I had experiencing it.


Which is to say none at all.

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Day 107: Myself, Restless, IngeeC, and ElectiDei have happened upon this post while experiencing the same thing...all together. You were lucky. you had your fellow free Tenno to release you at the end of their mission. Not sure how we're going to get out. Food gone, water running low, posing on top of center pillar losing is lustre tell my family I was thinking of rollers in my final hours...

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Day 110: Hunger is starting to set in...after drawing straws we decided that IngeeC would be the first to go should we need to take drastic measures to survive. He is currently in the corner of one of the 4 hallways writing his will. He's been there for hours, which intrigues me since the only real belongings he has to his name are 100,000 nanospores. It won't be too long now until his time comes, I hope the devs find us soon.

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Day 113: I believe my comrades have decided I am the weakest link. I have completed my will and hidden it for any worthy Tenno to find. Smoke screen is my only salvation, it allowed me to conceal my will without being seen. I have now been attempting to escape through the ceiling of the world. It may lead to death, but it is worth the risk to get away from such awful comrades.


It took me many attempts, but after many failures, I succeeded. I moved from ring to spinning ring in hopes of some means of escape. 




The transition from the second to third ring was the most difficult, but I accomplished it in the end!




In the end, all was for naught though. From the top of the world, I fell back into the grips of my supposed comrades. Trinity is taunting me with heals that do nothing to fill my empty stomach, and Ember is trying to cook me alive.


If they take me, please avenge me.

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Day 120: We finally decided that after four months we would abort the mission. I was the first to go, with the other three following behind. Shame lingers in the air in the BoomerAang Squad's dojo as we have our first meal in over a week. TooSlowForKirby cries in the corner, babbling over and over that we shouldn't have pulled out, we never pull out. IngeeC walks up to me, whispers in my ear, and points me over to Kirby. I go to comfort him. Restless stokes the fire with his ember warframe, and hands out another serving of deep fried charger as I bring Kirby back into the central area. As we eat in silence Restless suddenly stands up in jubilation, holding a void key in his outstretched hand. He looks around at us and yells, "We have been given a second chance! A chance for redemption!" He holds the key out in front of us so that we can all touch it, and in a flash of light, we sent back to our place of failure, with a chance for the BoomerAang Squad to regain its honor.


PS: Here are two videos. The first is a video explaining how we got up here, and the second video is a view of the entire room, including the center sphere and rings. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XvnnKCxkbs  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3-tlzl3j-E&feature=youtu.be

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Day 125: When we returned to the Void, we continued where we left off, exploring the ancient tower in search of rare treasures. While in the tower, I ventured ahead of the rest of the BoomerAang Squad to scout for traps. I got more than I bargained for: 


After leaping off of a rising pillar, I ascended into a new, smaller prision. This, however, was a mere cell compared to the vast box my clan was trapped in before. As the keybearer, I could not simply exit the mission and rejoin my squad. Instead, I have lit the cell ablaze, making it my home until my allies can complete the raid.


It's a lonely cell; I hope they find their way to the exit soon.

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