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Atomos Beam Glitch With Mirage Hom

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When using hall of mirrors with Mirage, the beam particle effect from the clones will sometimes get "stuck" at the area an enemy died instead of disappearing as normal. It seems like it only happens if the beam that was bouncing between different enemies kill something, and only from the beams made from the clones firing the weapon. (those are my observations, more testing might be needed to confirm how and why it does this). It can also get stuck on object and players that were "channeling" the bounced beams.




It doesn't appear to be specifically a host side or client side bug, as I was on a mission with a friend using the same set-up and his beam glitches too. Both he and I could see the glitching effect (and hear the noise they make. It's quite annoying when the beam is stuck with you since they never despawn). I've also seen them appear on different tilesets so it's probably not linked to the type of enemy or object it hits.




(You can see both of our respective beam linked to me here, as well as part of the floor, where an enemy previously died, mine being the orange ones and my friends the blue ones.)


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