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Confirmed - Frost Prime Blueprint Droppable In Void.


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Not sure if this is known or not, but my clanmates and I ran a level 3 void mission, and the reward was a frost prime blueprint (as in the warframe, not the parts for it). Thought it was threadworthy as i was under the impression that Frost prime was not attainable after the weekend event.


Anyways, heres a screenie so you know im not trolling:





The more you know.

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So we killed a million fusion MOA for absolutely nothing?

Well you got an Uber-rare drop. And it's a major pain in the &#! to assemble the frame anyways.


I told you then, they should not have made us wait, and now they're making us wait and pay more platinum for something we should have gotten 3 weeks ago.


Fanboys can go &*$% themselves.

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question here> everyone that played that weekend and killed some MOA suppose to have the  frost prime BP right? Or was  there certain "ridiculous" amount that you had to kill to get the BP ?

Anyone who participated in the event and at least killed one Fusion Moa was given the BP itself.

But its nice to see DE did go back on their word about it being exclusive. Worked to get the BP, but now we have to work to get the parts in a system that's RNG on top of RNG? Guess I'll be waiting a few months before I can even get one part to the frame.. Its a shame really.

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Nice exclusive MOA event reward.


People got frost prime BP just for killing at least one fusion MOA ... that's enough for me, it doesn't have to be exclusive.


I think the same about Braton Vandal, some got it for 1 credit.

Other should either buy it or farm for BP (Braton + some resources etc.)

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Warframe is now officially entering pay2farm and pay2win mode.

step by step today void key and next content .... who knows maybe super milking not even non platinum user going to have it (but lets have faith in DE for not doing that)

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