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  I was thinking about this whole resourses system - don't DE just drag themselves into corner? There were already useless credits (I personally can't spend mine, don't know where), useless reagents (exept i guess rubedo-alloy, got myself 34 morphics - don't know, how to get rid of it), and now they add even more resourses for research. Well guess what - after guilds are done with research, where will they go? Yeah, another useless digits on your back. Not just that, with them introduced rere regents became even more grindy. But still useless after you're done with your equipment.


  And still there's that weird RNG drop system. Let's watch League of Legends - the perfect example of market system "play or pay", where Warframe is more like "pay or pray". When it's about mods - play AND pray at the same time. Can't you make some nice ingame shop, where you actually can spent all those reagents? Not even reagents, you don't need to spam them, you could leave just a handful, there wouldn't be anything wrong with making research system just like Fusion MOA event - guild starts researching - go kill stuff. Learn from the best, LoL has only two resourses - real money and in-game currency. The problem is, when I saw those new mods in U8 I just thought to myself "not even gonna bother, getting sick of this farm-fest". Let's have a look at LoL - the beauty of this game is after every single match you have that satisfactory (is this even a word?) feeling "alright, one step closer to my goal, be that rune or champion, 14 more games and I'll have it", while Warframe tells you - "Want something? Didn't get it after 50-60 Kiste runs? I don't care, go grind some more"


  You really need that exact boss-Void-planet farm. Fine, but make it like tokens - void run gives you a token, with which you can buy anything you like. Too soon? Make it 2-3 tokens. Same with warframe blueprints. Let's say Multishot could cost like 2000 rubedo - that's the same 40-50 runs, but after every run you feel the progression. Two gorgons blueprints in a row as a login reward? Go kill yourself, you could give those tokens-resourses on whish i could buy myself, i don't know, a Fusion Core, and be happy.

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You're also forgetting that the new "resources" are probably diluting the loot pool.


As for the void, it's a complete failure. I was expecting it to be new missions, with traps, hidden bosses and all that. Instead it's the same thing as before just with random lasers and a button here and there.


And what about the awesome 20+ barrels or whatever that you'll have leftover from the void runs? Just more useless resources...

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