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Sms Payment


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Hello Tenno


Well I didn't find any other good fitting topic to mine so I come with a proposition.


10 or even les mins ago I wanted to buy 170 platinum using DaoPay aaaaand... I failed (not first time to be honest)

I got number where to call I got unique code to enter while calling and hah 10 seconds before end, DaoPay cut off my signal just like that, ofc info appears that my call was too short and I need to call again, since I was using steam in game browser I made screenshot of that info and those numbers but... when I wanted to paste them... I saw only blackscreen.


Since I live in S#&$ty Poland I don't have any other option but only use phone to "donate" we don't use euro here and I also don't have paypal. I already sended ticket to support with my issue... somehow I feel they will tell me I lie etc... (I hope they will actually help me rather than say me stfu)


So... u know my problem, that's why I'm coming here with proposition about SMS payment, I always used that option in many games and I never had any problem, its easy and is safe, not like DaoPay @#$%




Guys help me, only thing you must do is to make a post here with positive opinion about adding SMS payment - its all about our moneys!


Best Regards!

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