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Saryn Venom Suggestion:


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Currently, the skill deals roughly 480 damage over 12 seconds and stacks. It's still kinda hard to hit to cause the spread effect. It also kills some mobs too fast to get any spread. It's very good at killing weaker bosses if you stack it 10 + times.


I'd suggest reducing the damage by 50% and increasing the duration by 50% and adding tiers. When you shoot the green sacks on the target it upgrades by 1 tier and if you reapply the Venom it also increases a tier. Each Tier does the damage of the base multiplied by the tier( So Tier 2 does 2x damage Tier 3 does 3x damage ect. Venom will spread to people near it in a form 1 tier lower than the existing tier. So, sitting by a Tier 1 Venom would not spread Venom as it'd give a non existant tier 0 Venom. Sitting by a Tier 3 Venom would give you a Tier 2 Venom ect.


On the Extreme End a Tier 10 Venom would deal 3,600 Damage over 18 seconds and spread a Tier 9 Venom Dealing 3,240 over 18 seconds. Currently a 10x applied Venom deals 4,800 Damage over 12 seconds.


The numbers may need work. This may have bad side effects in high level defense missions.

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