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Infinite Experience and Money Exploit


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This is not really a Bug but something that happens and it can be Exploited. In:

Mission: Defense

Faction: Infected

You can put difficulity level 4 or 5 and keep fighting waves of Infected until you either die or run out of ammo after which you willingly abort and keep ALL the loot and experience, becomming very rich and high level.

Why does this not happen on other factions? becuase the infected TOTATLLY ignore the artifact and only attack you. and if you jump on the containers they cannot shoot you, they just stand still and look at you untill you kill them. Have a friend with EMBER in the party, and when everyone is in the middle, use Ember FireBurst and everyone dies.

If you want to be creative this is what I do, I bring a friend Ember. and I am MAG, will go on the top of containers, we wait for everyone to gather at the center, then I will use Mag to Pull and gather all the remaining Bosses that are not moving (they ignore you if they cant hit you) so they can come to the middle, then Ember jumps down and burns them all.

Resulting in:

+Infinite XP +Infinite Mods = +Infnite Money

Solution is simple, I suggest that you create a new infected enemy that can shoot/spit acid at you in the distance. If you change the AI to be more aggressive towards the artifact then the mission would be impossible becuase the numbers they have is more than any other faction. So adding a new Infected will be more than enough.

I suggest to use the same model as the crawler toxic ones, in that case when you shoot their legs they turn into the toxin spiters, it will lower their range but it will be effficient. you are also reusing the same model, and saving money . . . win win situtation.

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