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Can't Leave My Clan!


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I created a guild just to test out the features it would give me but now I can't even leave... it says "You must promote another player to your current rank in order to perform this action" Help me :((


I posted this in the Warframe Steam community but no one seemed to know.

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Make an alt account, make that account warlord, and then leave.

Takes too long. I'm just going to go ahead and delete the pending invites 


invite a fool and promote him to warlord, then leave the clan (i'm so bad XD)

Hahaha thats not nice! I tried but everyone like had a clan already. :3 It's fixed now anyways so..


When you are a warlord, you can only leave your clan if you promote someone else to warlord, or if there are no other clan members and no pending invites

Thanks man! Just had to delete the pending invites! :)

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