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Tenno, Be Warned!


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So, my brethren, we've got trouble on our hands! There are these assassination targets that are almost unstoppable! There I was, just doing a regular mission, when suddenly I was faced with my biggest challenge yet! It was truly horrifying. I almost had to stop playing because it was so intense. The lotus tasked me with killing........an INANIMATE OBJECT!!!! Four to be exact! I was having enough trouble taking on all the infested swarms, but then I had to face these behemoths! They had huge drills, and my shields were taking a beating! I barely escaped that mission with my life! If you thought stalkers were bad just wait until you have to face these things! A sabotage mission quickly spiraled into a decent of madness, and whatever the opposite of a rainbow is! These targets I had to assassinate almost got the upper hand, but I dispatched each one after putting on my try-hard pants, and hiked them as high as they could go!


This is a warning to all Tenno. Beware the evil inanimate drills of death and unhappiness! They will consume your souls, and who knows what they'll do to your dead bodies! Get a good squad together and play your roles well. You never know when you'll have to face them! These assassination targets are our biggest challenge yet, but we can do this, or we'll die trying!!!!!





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I came here expecting the OP to say It's the Grineer or the second person to say it. I mine as well.


It's the Grineer.


Well, I mentioned huge drills and what not, so I figured it was obvious. :p Unless new players that read this don't know Grineer are the only enemies with drill sabotage missions.

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