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Suggestions For A More Interactive, Intuitive Chat Frame


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Some things that I think would improve the players experience when it comes to interacting with other players:


Suggestion - Allowing the player set an arbitrary font point for the chat window instead of "normal" and "larger" size options.

Reason - Never have to hear again that the player cannot read the chat or is bothered by ugly anti-aliasing of the font.


Suggestion - A menu of options displayed when and where a player right-clicks a user's name next to their message in the chat frame. It could provide options such as:


*Invite to Squad

*Add Friend


*Invite to Clan (if permissions allow)

*Invite to Trade (if it is implemented)


Reason - Inviting people to a squad as it is now is a hassle if you're not already friends. This proposed quick menu would also be unarguably more a intuitive interface and only add functionality.


Suggestion - a chat command (such as /inv <user>) to allow players to invite players from the chat console. A clan invite chat command (/cinv <user>) would also work nicely.

Reason - Allow people to form squads and invite to clans with even more speed and ease. 


Suggestion - Configurable chat colors. Allow the user to assign any color they want to specific channel chat text, (or usernames) which leads me to...


Suggestion - Completely configurable chat frame output. This would allow the user to create an abstract frame to which they would specify what channel output would be displayed. For example, a frame could be made that is specifically for whispers, or a frame that is clan, region, and squad chat combined.


Reason - Switching between the clan, squad, region, and council chats is logically disruptive to the thought process of the user, and as it currently stands, a user can only view one chat channel at a time that isn't a whisper.  It is not very intuitive as the design is.


I am sure this has all probably been suggested and recorded before, but I know I would greatly appreciate all of these features if they were implemented. I do not think I would be alone with my gratitude.


Edit: Oh, there is a UI feedback forum. Sorry, I am dumb at 3am. Please move this?

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