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A Friendly "clan" Event


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So basically, after getting 60 members in my clan, i decided to build a website for it, so now that we have that, I have been working on a logo for the clan, but i can only do so much with that and my time. so i made an event for my clan, that the winner of the event would have their clan logo featured as the permanent logo for the site





Clan Website Main Page



so with that in mind i wanna also ask to anyone who is interested, you are more than welcomed to design a clan logo for my clan, or for whatever clan you want, again, please abide by the rules in the event


Lastly, to be honest i dont know if this is the right place to post this, because i know its not a topic for the Find a Clan part of the forum, so general discussion seems to be the best place (im saying this cause i can see it already)


Thank you for your time, and if you do decide to take this event into consideration, good luck to you guys



Warlord, BloodLust

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