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Repetitive Missions


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Just as an opening statement, I play a LOT of Kappa since it's such a great source of Rubedo and exp.


My concern is that since this game is being built specifically for farming and playing missions over and over and over again, there should be a lot more variety in what appears inside each mission. Things that currently exist in the game, like the Stalker and random mission changes by Lotus, are nice but still can become boring pretty quickly if not an annoyance.

A mission like Kappa has little to no varience per runthrough. Players spend a majority of the time in the mission on one tile of the map that doesn't change at all. It's not a major problem but now that I've noticed it it's been bothering me more and more.


Things I've noticed that become have overly repetitive:

- Boss fights are more of just a buffed up enemy with a few special powers, they don't feature any real challenge to the player except for their incredible amount of extra health and sheilds.


- Lotus says the exact same thing, over and over and over and over and over and over and over. So much that I bet anyone that has played the game for more than 10 hours has each of her statements memorized.


- When rerunning a mission Lotus acts as if you have never played it before, telling you exactly how to do the mission the exact same way that she did so the first time you ran though it.


- Tileset's random generation seems to be pretty predictable at times and each individual tile doesn't change very much per mission excluding the ice/fire/infection overlays.


To name a few things off the top of my head.


TL;DR: If this game is going to be built for farming and repetition, it needs to have a little more content to distinguish each mission from the previous.

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I'll add my cents: too few map mutators which aren't so much accurately done (and I'm pretty sure it has been suggested before me).

There are currently only ice and fire and they don't add variety at all. They're just random. I'd like to see: Explosions; Toxins; Earthquakes; Sandstorms; Orbital Strikes; Fog; Radar Jamming and much more related to the mission, maybe I'd like a tiny little explanation on what's going on from the Lotus.

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It's been in beta for a year, that's kindof a sorry excuse dawg.


Not sure if you were here earlier given your forum join date, but content has grown significantly growing with regards to enemy type, tile sets, arsenal, and even the mobile defense mission mode is relatively new. Comparing the single U6 defense map tile to the variety we have now in U8 is like comparing plain tofu to a supreme pizza.

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although the spirit of the game has not changed much (fyi, games rarely change their feel) there has been LOADS of content added in the last 8 months (it was actually beta in nov 2012, so less than a year by a lot). the parkour was added back in jan/feb, that is a major feature. and its been tweaked a ton! then there is the mods system. WOW that was a big change. now we get a dojo to work on with the clan! all while adding 3 new warframes, over 30 weapons, 15 enemies, 4 (5) tile sets.... etc. etc.etc. 

this game has always intended to have an RPG feel, and nothing embodies RPG more than grinding! (well, story line, but their getting to that). So yeah, there is going to be repetitiveness. what makes this game not so boring is variations in approach. this is why things like enemies that fight different are nice. or changes in the environment that make some tactics less viable than others. 

I agree with OP that things are a little to repetative. that is why i only play missions to get exactly what i need, or ones with very high reward. i still have yellow missions cause i see no reason to do them. right now its all about defence and raid, and some assasinations. otherwise i don't see a point to doing half the missions. would be nice if there were distinct differentces for EVERY missions, even little onse. 

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The "This game is in beta" thing isn't the greatest defense. Many games that hit beta are 90% done and only gradually evolve from there.


Yes, the content is lacking. What content there is is well done and the DE team do good work. The content though is spread too thin for a game that is meant to have no end.


They need an end state vision that is real and viable (actual progression and not just power creep that makes an already easy game into being stupid easy).

They need to expand on ways the game can dynamically generate interesting content.

- Such as mini-bosses similar to Diablo dungeons (mini named bosses with a posse that are way tougher)

- Real traps/ambushes

- More mission types

- More variables in the mission types (Kill this guy, get the item that drops, use it on this interface)

- More teamwork requirements / metagame requirements (like bosses or missions that favor certain weapons/frames)

- Real surprises (like a boss showing up in a totally unexpected place, some third party sabotaging your efforts, stealth enemies that jump you, reactors that spontaneously go critical and start a countdown)


Oh, and the mod system is a complete yawn. Farming for 'more' of the same stuff you already have is a tiresome farm. Dungeon crawlers are exciting when something REALLY awesome can occasionally drop. The entire mod system is going to become a real drag for this game as the months go by.

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