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Where Is The Support Team?


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Hey everyone.

Like most of us, I am aware that DE has been extremely busy these past weeks and that some staff has went on holiday. It has been 12 days now since I filed my ticket to the support corner. My issue was simply about never getting back my 3200 platinum after doing an Optional Account Reset. Ever since then I have been eagerly waiting for someone to just read my ticket and fix up my platinum again.

I am not trying to make DE look like a bad company cause I know they are constantly busy and there have been more important stuff to deal with, and I usually don't enjoy complaining(which I am clearly doing right now) but does anyone have any idea about how the Support team is doing at the moment? Except from that some might still be on vacation and that "Support Tickets are experiencing a longer-than-usual response time"?

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Thanks for the replies, guys. 

Resubmit a ticket? maybe the first one got bugged in the system or something xD

I have. Thanks for the tip though xD


Maybe this is related to the exploit/optional reset issues.


They mentioned on the livestream that they are working out a way to fix it so you cant spunk platinum on keys/forma then reset.

Might be possible.. I'm getting anxious though >_< Still stuck with my 50 plats.

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