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2 Little Bugs After A Day Of Blood


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HI all guys, I'm new of the forum, and I don't even know if I had select the right section....

btw where I can signal a report of game balance? I'll explain myself better:

1) after 2 days of blood I found two blueprints: hate and glaive...nah so what's the matter? 10, I said 10 morphics the hate and 10 morphics the glaive...I've just one at the time, but after hours and hours of gaming I have still JUST 2 F****** MORPHICS WHY GOD???? TONS OF "RARE" RUBEDO & BURN MORPHICS!!!!!!

2) the first power of Saryn goes out of work after a pair of rapid sections on different monsters...


P.s. about 2) I strongly suggest to have a defense mission against the infected in Europa/Pluto, just using or a nyx or a saryn...btw also both of them...also better with a bad company like Trinity/Loki


Thanks for reading and beforehand for answering

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sorry for calling them "bugs" - the correct word is more like "improvements" or "balancing


btw Uyie u got the point...

The Glaive and Hate are pretty intense 'rarer' weapons. So the high cost of morphics is expected. It's just the apparent change of the drop rate of them that's annoying people.

I just stop try to farm Morphics since an upgrade because it's a real waste of time...hope in a soon balancepatch

thanks =)

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