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You mean like a player based market? for example players going to sell components (like control module i freaking need)


Planet: Neptune

Level: Psamathe

Boss: The Hyena

Faction: Corpus

Drops: Rhino Warframe Bluprint Parts

thats how i got mine

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I think some kind of auction would by very good idea.

Make it so you couldnt sell things you bought from npc shop, either for ingame money or platinum. RP reason could be because lets say weapon was attuned (fingers tips,DNA, wathever) to you so only you could shoot it (safety reasons), and frame was attuned to your body and body of any other player would reject it, mods were attuned to your frame or body (DNA or some nonsene) based on if u want to be able to switch mods between your frames once equiped, you could only trade thinks like materials for blueprints or blueprints themselfs, or weapons or other equipment if u didnt used it yourself.

This would make beta testing much easier without making platinum meaningless, or making it impossible that players would buy some platinum only item and sell it for ingame money. Mods that would be usable only for weapon,frame in that they were first used would make them cost much more

and make it overall more interesting. Also it would make impossible for players to switch frames or weapons around and theirs mods as mood would take you... Like this you would have to get mod for everything you would want to use separately.

BTW. this would make alerts that last for few minutes and have nice rewards not such a bad think...

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