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More incentive to play Co-Op?


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I have a level 17 Excalibur and I played Co-Op a few times and didn't like it too much. The other guys would kill everything first or just die and go afk for a while then revive and complete the mission.

Anyways ----

I am not too sure if you guys have this system implemented, but I guess you guys should incorporate Co-Op only bosses that REQUIRES team coordination to take down. For example a Heavy Grineer with a HUGE riot shield and a lot of over shield so you would have to attack behind him to do any damage. You guys could give him some type of weapon that stuns the player and damage them over time, like a choking maneuver. While the Grineer Co-Op boss is disabling a player, another player would need to jump melee him to stun the boss to save his team mate from death.

Or maybe super hack missions where your partner must cover you so you don't get killed while attempting to decode a multi-level hack to recover some spy data or what not and have some of the AI prioritize killing the decoder.

Maybe even add some Co-Op puzzles in it also. Puzzles that need 2 or more players to complete or another set of cards that are listed as Co-op missions specifically.

You guys could even have a mission where you assign the Tenno's to assassinate a High level boss and the boss would just keep running away until you corner him. Also make the map in some sort of polygon so the boss could just keep running around with no dead ends. Of course the little minions would get in the way and the boss could even set traps like blow open a window or something to cause damage to you when you enter the room or maybe he could even “escape” and you would lose the mission forever which would make players WANT to try to complete the mission. Also make it to where players in this mission type can hack doors and choose to lock them or not to force the Boss to hack them hence slowing him down.

Of course these types of Co-Op missions should not have the dropped loot system because the first person to kill the enemy would have most of the loot, rather make it random looting to be fair or give loot out at the end of a mission from choosing a random box from 5 or X boxes .Or make it where the person who gets the kill gets the loot , but this wouldn't be too fair and would have players rushing kills instead of completing the objective.

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I feel your pain. Unfortunately not everyone likes those kinds of missions. BUT!!! I do agree with you. I noticed when fighting my first boss that he was just a "Super" version of another enemy. Which, quite frankly, was annoying. As you said having a unique boss fight will make this game far more enjoyable. Learning his unique moves and everying getting them down and working as a coesive unit is one of the things that make raids so fun. This is not to be misunderstood with "make him so hard to kill then lable him a boss". This game SHOULD be solo-able if a player is good enough. You're on the right track with this idea. May I suggest elaborating?

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Agree fully.


This idea should not kill the possibility of clearing levels solo. If bosses were like you described, it would be impossible to solo them - and not every player likes to work in a team, there always are some lone wolves out there.

So I suggest as follows: make some "additional bosses", like the alert missions. They will be "living" on separate planets, or even on asteroids, so you can go there any time given you meet the, say, level requirement. But they are plainly impossible to take on alone, and they drop items which can only be acquired this way.

How does that sound, good people?

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