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Room Suggestion : Prison & Arena, Mini Boss Hunting/collecting


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Hello, dureing playing around i came with an idea for a future room and function
I have seen some suggestions about arena with just simply waves of enemy's to fight
But to me a mutch more intresting and compelling way to make use for a Arena, With a prison added next too it is
You and youre clan hunt for mini bosses trough the Void, Acces to these could be keys found in missions or researched in the labs
In this they have a capture mission to capture 1 of several mini bosses in a capture mission, Once you kill the boss in the level you can capture him like you do with the crewman in capture missions
These bosses will end up in youre clans prison
By a control panel they can be teleported to youre arena for a mini boss fight, with could be to 1-4 players and maybe a nice scoreboard added to it :)

This would add a nice new feature to the clan and a new thing to keep players and clans busy hunting for these bosses and fighting them in their arena's :)

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Huh, interesting thought, perhaps a little rough round the edges, but not a bad idea.

Yeah, im not really that good at wording out my toughts.

But thank you for the reply :)

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