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Map Feedback [Video Included]


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The update 8 fixed some bugs but also brought few new ones.
 Appart from the bugs. I love the more dynamic elements and alternative routes the towers have and addition of vents to some tile sets.

Also running around and figuring fastest methods of getting from A to B is fun. Also I am kinda addict on climing places where mapper may not have intended me to get to. If there is high out of reach place.... You probly find me climbing there.

Here is video of some the stuff.

Note that void tower bug I show in the video is possible even without speed power. It just takes bit longer.

Also on recording one of the clips I forgot to turn of the music so you will hear piece of song that might not be most family friendly, or socially acceptable. Funny, but not the most enlightend in terms of lyrics.


Last but not least. Can you get here? (or can you even figure out where this is?)


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