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Frost Prime Loadout Help


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Okay, so I just got all the Frost Prime parts today, as well as the main BP in 6 runs (I guess I got really lucky, huh? Please don't stab me), and now that he's built and potatoed, I wanna know: how should I mod him?

This is my first experience with Frost, and I can already tell that Freeze is going to be pretty useless, and Ice Wave isn't really worth bringing. I want to be as useful as I can without wasting slots.

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Frosty everywhere!


Ok here is my loadout




Not finished at all, but you got Shieldz you got the dmg and the range, and enough energy


and Freeze is awesome fore cc an acients as an example while yyou murder his annoying friends, the charger and leapers


already said icewave is an awesome skill wit pretty long range and good dmg

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Here is my load out.

I use high vitality mainly just for high level defense against infested, those poisons can really mess things up.


I don't use freeze cause like you said, it's useless. Ice wave is awesome, can't imagine frost without it.


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you'll need a maxed stretch mod, without it  the range on your skills are pretty moot.

I lol'd.


First thing you want to do is put on a Max Flow, Streamline, and Redirection. Everything else is situational.

I normally use Frost for Corpus/Grineer Defense missions, so Snow Globe and Ice Wave is good to have as well.

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I'm always rolling maxed or as near as I can: Vitality, Redirection, Streamline, Flow, Snow Globe, Avalanche.  The remaining 21 points are personal preference, I find.  


I personally really like Stretch maxed out, since it makes my Avalanche much more potent.  I then either roll max Focus or Continuity, depending on whether I'm going to roll out my Avalanche or Frost Globe more.

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