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Rando Questions.


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So, just some questions that I thought up while I as doing a couple of missions . . .

Does your Warframe have a weak side?

I generally try to have a wall / cover on my left hand side, and I'm a little better at wall running when the wall is on my left.

Do you have any superstitions about Warframe?

I get the feeling that if I destroy barrels with my gun, they give me worse loot.

I also think that the Stalker (Who's that?) doesn't target me as much as my buddies.

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There's a key in the options to switch shoulders for the camera so you can look around your left shoulder and use cover/walls on your right.


The Stalker's appearances are related to boss kills. Kill a boss to get his attention. After he attacks, kill bosses some more to get his attention again.



I feel like more moas spawn from the wall mounted dispensors for each time I'm seen in a mission by a camera. When I shoot cameras carefully I only get 0-2 per dispenser. if I go through a mission recklessly, by the end I'm seeing like an endless line of them coming out of all the dispensers.


It seems to me that thunderbolt drops more often when actually using the bow weapons.


Grineer Commanders appear to specifically avoid using cover so you're in a terrible position when they swap you.


The devs have a workstation entirely dedicated to allowing anyone who sits there to press a button and gain control of a random CORPUS shield drone active in someone's mission, and they enjoy flying it behind other enemies, behind cover, or up under a doorway where you can't hit it. >.<

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