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I am sure many will be OK with it, but this system has left me feeling loathed to invest too much more time in the game. Do what you will with this feedback :)


 I have been plugging away doing missions here and there. What started as a mission or two led to longer sessions. I was quite enjoying it. I noticed my overall level bar seemed to be stuck and upon clicking on it I realized I had to undertake some sort of in-game test in order to go to the next level. TBH I wasn't trying my upmost, because in the back of my mind I was resentful of being forced to do something I don't enjoy. I was pretty terrible at the test. Granted I am not the best at games, I never claim to be amazing. I just play for fun and I play with friends all the time. So this solo test was pretty irritating. 


 In general there has been a lot of trial and error in working out what a lot of the game does. I was getting there, and it was a good game to blast away a few missions on. But the test was not fun. I will not be trying it again as it irritated me. And playing a game with leveling mechanics where I will just never progress feels like a waste of time to me.


 I will most certainly play a little here and there as the gameplay is certainly fun. But this has stopped it from become a 'game I play' to just a little throwaway game for when I am bored. 


 Again I am sure many are fine with this system, and I commend you for trying something different. I am just saying for me, the fun of the game is in co-op, so forced single player that physically stops you from advancing your character is a big no-no.

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Yes I expected as much of a response.


 As I said I am sure many of you are fine with it. I am just telling the devs what has put me off :)


 Many people enjoy many different things in games. If we were all the same it would be boring! I like my competitive gaming to come from online or co-op. When I play on my own I like to relax.  

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