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Psa: Rng Has Favoured Paimon In Europa.


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I've found Paimon recently seems to be a very simple yet very well rewarding mission this week. Already I have had two tower keys, a stretch mod, master thief (end of game reward), SplitShot (cant remember the name its the bullet splitter mod for rifle) as well as many other exciting goodies. It is great for farming Rubedo, as well as mods and all the rarities. Take a fully leveled Frost with the Snowglobe and Ice Wave on, with more frosts = the merrier. Yes I understand that it is completely random drop, but I havent yet had a bad wave 15 reward, and i've done it a good 8 or so times this week.


Here is my photographic evidence : http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/615021010558892692/28EC28E6F53B5575AAD69D8C06DAB2CAC3593581/1024x640.resizedimage


Hope others are favoured by the RNG GOD, remember sacrificing virgins to our deity may be morally wrong, but its worth it for a master thief.

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