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Forma'd Paris Requiring More Exp?


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Ok so this would be the third time I forma'd my paris, and I noticed something different this time. Usually I don't have any issue whatsoever getting weapons up to level 10-15 pretty quick, which with potato'd weapons make them actually USEFUL on the higher level missions I like to run. Only this time I've noticed something really weird about it. right after I forma'd my bow I ran a solo t1 mission, and 2 runs on kappa, keeping my bow on the sidelines and maining my kunai (which usually knocks it up to lvl 3 pretty quick so i can equip a mod or two), and nothing happened.......I filled up half the meter it takes to go from unranked to ranked. So I restarted the game and solo'd tolstoj on mercury and POW!!! level 4.........riiiight......so......yeah........after that I ran 4 missions on pluto, and my bow is choking up on lvl 6.......seriously......wth? I've never had an issue leveling a weapon before this.....Is this a glitch or do they require more exp once you forma a weapon now?

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