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Daily Rewards As Rewards


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That sounds nice, actually. Generally opening up more rewards for alerts in general would be nice. That is, unless you're going to rework the entire alert system altogether, which would also be nice.



i don't ask much. but pls remove exp reward from lv 3 reward pls. Its totally anoying. at least change it double exp for 2 days or other. it will be more useful

Also, i'm sorry to say, that's not going to happy. It's a daily reward lotto. You have the bad as well as the good. I agree, it really, really sucks to get xp or credits when you need a potato, but that's the point of a lotto.
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I understand the lotto thing, but you still want happyish players. Maybe just add another tier starting at like, 30 days, or something to that effect. Where the bad rewards get slightly less bad. Having everything at 30 makes the exp go from a subpar reward to literally no reward.

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